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Building Lives On Christ


We believe that Jesus has the power to set men and women free from sin and addiction.  We have seen Him do it! We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to transform men and women; we believe in the power of the Word of God to convict, tear down, build up, strengthen, empower, and renew; we believe in the unity of the Spirit and the power of Prayer. We have seen God do great things. The Hope Project is about the next step for the people who have called on the name of the Lord for salvation who can't return to family, and have no solid Christian influence. These precious people are often just coming out of rehab, homeless or transient and need to start from scratch; and we believe it is the Church's responsibily to show the love of Christ and help them. The Hope Project is about making disciples of Christ and seeing a need and meeting it. 

Our Goal


To glorify God by making disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. We will accomplish this by providing a loving and supportive church family and an envronment free from the influence of drugs and alcohol.  We will teach men and women to walk with Jesus in the Spirit. We will disciple them daily in the knowledge of God's Word and Prayer, building a foundation on the Lord Jesus Christ. We will empower them with the help of God to go out and make disciples of Christ.  To help us accomplish this our desire is to purchase two homes in the community surrounding our church where men and women, and even their children, can come and make a fresh start as part of a community of believers committed to their victory.  We purchased our first home about 4 years ago for 21,000 the Lord supplied that miraculously and with enough money left over to rehab the home, see the video, all those working on that project are people in the church. God has given us the ability to accomplish this. We do the work.  Now serval years later  we are embarking on the second part of this journey praying that the Lord will provide a home for women to be discipled in, join with us in prayer and prayerfully consider supporting the work , as of March 1st 2022 we have about $6000 towards the women discipleship home. 

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